The Cost of Getting Started

By: Andrea Stainbrook

The last 9 months have been a whirlwind and I’m not even pregnant 🙂  In this time I have attended a Labor Training, a Postpartum Training, an Advanced Business Training, decided to partner with a great friend, and start a new business.  I have also felt a certain confidence I have never felt before.  I am valued. Things are going well and I can see our business and my career going to new heights.

I am a doula.
I am a professional.
I have a career.

Do you know what it cost me to train for my career?


Before I was a doula I trained to become a Professional Certified Dog Trainer.  I was so excited.  I was told I would learn how to do in-home and group dog training.  Plus they told me they would teach me how to own a business and I could have this amazing career for only $3,000!   I paid it.

335605_2648815984548_1284803515_o (2)

I valued what I learned from that online course including real life work with a mentor.  It wasn’t bad. The business advice was OK and heck, at least they tried to help.  But… if you’re still reading this you might get the picture that I don’t train dogs anymore; as a career anyways.

Once ProDoula entered my life, everything changed.  I have never felt more prepared than with this wonderful organization.  The training is worth every penny.   If you are having trouble gathering the money, it is OK.  Do what you need to: have a garage sale, work some extra shifts, ask for cash for your birthday and gather it!  You will be satisfied and  value the training.  It can start you on a new path.  If you have the money and aren’t sure about it, you will not be disappointed in this investment.

Before finding ProDoula I actually didn’t see the value in certifying.  I thought, why give my money to another organization to just get a piece of paper that says I’m certified?  Besides I could never be a doula as a career.  It’s only a hobby or part time work right?  But you see, in the Doula world certifying with an organization, especially one that promotes professionalism (AKA ProDoula), creates value in doulas.  It elevates the profession, and ProDoula gives back to you.  They want you to succeed and be sustainable!  My 3 favorite things about ProDoula as an organization:

  1.  They doula the doula.  The mentors are always available to you and want you to do well.  Even Randy Patterson and Debbie Aglietti, the owners and creators of ProDoula, will help you!
  2. You will leave a workshop knowing your value. You will feel confident going out in the world and now have a family of doulas who are there to cheer you on.  We all want each other to succeed and be sustainable!
  3. More opportunities to learn and understand the business side of this career.  ProDoula allows you to attend more workshops as alumni and offers an Advanced Business Training to help you work on your business.


A quick Amazon search will show you a gazillion random things six hundred and fifty dollars can get you.  It is amazing to me that that’s all it takes to get a professional CAREER rolling.  What are you waiting for?

Get started here!

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