MDDS: Meet Doula Arnetta!

With a warm smile and positive attitude Arnetta is a natural doula! She is always encouraging and her dedication to her clients is paramount. She has a vast knowledge of all things birth and baby, and continuously keeps learning too! She completed the VBAC specialist program in 2021. Arnetta has been affiliated with Metro Detroit Doula Services for several years, being one of the first Labor Doulas to join our team! Over the years MDDS clients have fallen in love with Arnetta and we think you will too! Read on to learn more about Arnetta and why she’s so special!

Why did you become a doula? 

Being a doula came natural to me despite the fact that I didn’t know it was thing! A male co-worker asked me why I wasn’t a doula in 1996, 12 years into me supporting families with no official training.  A what?  Off to training I went!  I supported my first client as a trained doula on February 16, 1997.

I asked several family members and friends how they would describe me a few years ago.

  Active listener, compassionate, and engaged, are some of the descriptions that came up more than once!

What is your favorite season? 

Fall – I love trees anyway but the fall colors and scents take me to another place.  I enjoy the cooler weather BUT I don’t look forward to what follows – winter – LOL!

My philosophy is to support parents and families where they are based on their philosophy, preferences and needs. I listen, ask questions to make sure I have clarity to respond appropriately, observe, attune, validate feelings, share tips and tricks, and make suggestions!

Give us your best piece of advice to expecting parents/new families.

Trust your instincts. Listen to your body.  You know more about your baby than you think you do.  Please remember it’s never too early or too late to call me – your doula.

Arnetta loves to travel!

What is your favorite karaoke song to sing? 

I don’t have a favorite AND you don’t really don’t want to hear me sing but please know that going to karaoke is one of my favorite things to do.

Who is your role model? 

An amazing former supervisor who did not like to be called supervisor, especially in front outsiders.  She always said we were co-workers. Michele tapped into each one of us, identified our strengths and acknowledged them and creatively addressed our weaknesses so we could excel. Then she said we made her look good!

What do you love about being a doula? 

The basics. Supporting parents and families through pregnancy, labor, delivery, loss, postpartum, ….whatever comes with the package.

Do not wait, and contact us today! Tell us you want Arnetta on your Labor support team!!

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