MDDS: Meet Doula Brook!

Brook is a certified labor doula and postpartum doula! She can help you feel confident as a new parent and also is calming in the birth room! Through her ProDoula trainings she developed skills and knowledge to support new families. Fun may be a word that comes to mind as you get to know her!
She can bring that energy along with her as she supports new families. Learn more about her here!

What led you do becoming a doula?

I always had a passion for helping and serving people! At a very young age, I knew I wanted to help others. With going through my own postpartum time, I realized the struggles of being a new mom that no one talks about. I did some research on how I can help families with their new journey into parenthood, and a friend suggested being a doula. I looked into what a doula meant and did, and it was exactly the kind of support I wanted to give to families!!

Tell us about your family!

My family- I have a wonderful supportive partner, Victor, that has been so encouraging starting my doula journey. I have a beautiful rainbow baby, Myles who is 2 years old. I have two funny and very loving “nephsons”(nephews) and a sassy 11 year old niece. They have prepared me for motherhood and showed me what instant unconditional love felt like.

Who is your role model?

My role model is my mother. My mother showed me  how to be strong and that is one of the reasons of her becoming a doula and projecting that strength onto others. She’s such a fun and inspirational person.

Friendly. Encouraging. Fun.

What is your favorite show?

Favorite tv shows are Chicago Med, Law and Order:SVU, Married at First Sight, 90 day Fiancé’!

My advice for new parents is to make your pregnancy and birthing experience your own journey. We tend to compare it to other experiences but everyone has their own experiences that fits them, so make it your own and enjoy every moment. 


What is exciting about being a doula?

The most exciting thing about being a doula is that it’s so rewarding to see the joy on parents face when they overcome a hard obstacle during labor or in early parenting!

If we could catch you humming a tune, what would it be?

If you catch me humming a tune it would be any of the million nursery rhymes from Cocomelon lol! 

Favorite baby gear item!

I really like the graco stroller set that also turns into a bassinet. It really helped when we took walks and my son will fall asleep! Also I liked how you can turn the seat around, where the baby is facing you!

If you want a compassionate, kind, and joyful doula, you have found her! Contact us today to get Brook on your birth or baby team!

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