MDDS: Meet Doula Jessica!

Jessica has a variety of experiences that add to her knowledge of being an amazing Postpartum & Infant Care Doula! She has a kindness and patience that she greets every new family with. Her passion in life is clear. She wants parents to feel comforted as they go through their life transition of parenthood. Learn more about what makes Jessica who she is!


A friend, who is a lactation consultant, thought I would be great at being a postpartum doula. Previously having worked as a nanny and at the time currently working as a preschool teacher, it sparked a new interest! I loved teaching but financially it didn’t provide. Working as a postpartum doula I get to have the benefits of working with children but at the same time I get to provide a family with a safe place. Which is important to me. Now, I am full swing into the doula world!

Pro Tip from Jessica:

You do not have to explain yourself.

Scrolling through social media I see so many moms giving a reason or going into great detail about why they chose to do something for their children and / or family. Families need to do what is best for them and shouldn’t have to feel the need to explain themselves for why they felt it was the best decision. We should be supporting families choosing what is best for them, and not beating them down or criticizing them.

TELL us about your family!

I have a great relationship with my parents! My dad suffered from a stroke a few years ago but it has made our relationship much stronger. My mom and I love eating artichokes, it was totally a thing growing up and we looked forward to it! I have a sister and two nieces. I love taking my nieces to museums, painting, and baking with them. My significant other and I have been best friends for 18 years. 🙂 We both have dogs and love going to parks and walking for a couple hours, camping, zip lining, or playing video games.

Things about Jessica!

Right now I am obsessed with “Crikey it’s the Irwins”. I love just being outdoors, whether it be on a lake kayaking or swimming, camping, or having a bon fire. Also I love crafting and fine art. I have more crafting and art supplies than I know what to do with!

If we turned on the radio in your car, what would we hear?

If you turned on my radio you would hear just about anything! Country to early 2000’s music. I can’t sing well but you can catch me with my music up singing like I am trying out for American Idol LOL!

What do people say about you?

The most I hear people say about me is I am great with children! My grandma always used to say I have a big heart.

Whatcha reading?

I am currently reading “The No-cry Sleep Solution” written by Elizabeth Pantley.

Creative. Outgoing. An Empath.

I love being creative and making something beautiful. I love having a great time and laughing with people. I am totally the person that will cry with you and be a shoulder to lean on.

We agree with what others say, Jessica’s heart is huge! She is absolutely sweet and so supportive to new families. Get Jessica on your team for those early parenthood days! Contact us now!

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