Car Seat Safety Checks & Education

In a world with endless options you can take comfort in knowing you are selecting the correct car seat that matches the best fit for:

  • your car
  • your preferences
  • your budget

Did you know over 75% of car seats are used or installed incorrectly?

Let our expert check your car seat and guide you to ensure the placement and installation is as it should be.

Know what you need and do it right.  

What is a CPST?  As the CDC states, a Child Passenger Safety Technician is someone specially trained on child safety restraints.  The nationwide certification process follows a curriculum put forward by Safe Kids Worldwide, which helps ensure that the information given to caregivers is up to date, relevant, and universal.  The main goal is education so that parents and caregivers can feel confident in installing and securing babies & children into their seats. 

Take the guesswork out of “Am I doing this right?” and feel safe in knowing your car seats are installed exactly as they should be for optimal family protection.  

Our expert, Dana Lange, CPST, offers classes and one on one private meetings right in your own home.  Inquire for more information and to set up an appointment today!

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Dana Lange, Certified CPST and owner of Buckle Up Detroit completing a Safety Car Seat check.

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