Rebuilding Strength in Your Core

Feel better, feel stronger, and stop peeing your pants.

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A strong core leads to overall better health & body functions.

Often overlooked in women is strengthening their lower core or pelvic floor.  Knowing how to work those muscles and build strength can help before babies, during pregnancy, after baby is born, and even long after baby is born.

Our Certified Personal Trainer & Metro Detroit’s only MuTu Pro™, Ashley Gammon, is an expert on helping women dealing with the symptoms of diastasis recti (ab seperation).  The method Ashley is certified to teach will help you get your body functioning correctly and have you feeling body confident with a body that works right! Most importantly Ashley will teach you how to do this the correct way by easing your postpartum body back into fitness. Take it from Ashley, who herself had a 3 finger wide diastasis recti (DR) that she discovered after her third child.

Benefits of improving core strength include:

  • Reduce or eliminate lower back pain & hip pain
  • Alleiviate symptoms of diastasis recti
  • No more leaking when coughing, sneezing, laughing, or performing excercise
  • Aids with constipation and pelvic organ prolapse
  • A tighter lower belly

Through alignment, breathing, correct muscle engagement, and nutrition you will have the tools you need to start your journey to a strong and healthy you!  Ashley teaches workshops and does private one on one classes.

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