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Preparing for one of life’s biggest events can be overwhelming. Learning all about it helps remove the fear, gives you coping techniques, and you leave understanding what is going on during the whole process.

Metro Detroit Doula Services is excited to offer refreshing new Childbirth Education courses unlike any other in the area!

Andrea Stainbrook, PDCCE, is the first and only ProDoula Certified Childbirth Educator serving Southeast Michigan!!

What you can expect from our Childbirth Prep courses:

  • Uncensored, modern teachings for modern families.  Learn about what birth is actually like and how to navigate it!
  • For everybody –  This education is for any birthing desire.  We don’t follow one specific method,  we teach different tools and breakdown the unknown.
  • Bring a support person!  They will  learn what they need to help the entire process.
  • Feel comfortable and have fun!  These classes are personal and taught in an easy going way.  Feel open to ask the questions you want and enjoy yourself as you learn!

In-Home Private Childbirth Classes

  • Private Classes – A great place to feel comfortable while you are learning is the comfort of your own home.  Scheduled around your needs and specialized to you.  These sessions are completely customized and our most popular choice! Pick your own topics and how many hours of learning you want.  Call us today to see the topic selections and get started.  Pricing varies,  $225 for a  3 hour private class or $400 for a 2 week private class.

Group Classes 

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Childbirth Uncensored

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March 10th  @ Embrace Life Chiropractic, 2044 Auburn Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48309.

Take a full course of childbirth education in just 1 day!

Come learn all about birth and how to get through it with the only ProDoula Certified Childbirth Educator in the lower peninsula! Andrea brings a fresh and fun approach to learning about the process of birth. She has spent years as a labor doula with experience in many of the local hospitals. This isn’t your average childbirth class. We speak frankly and without bias about your birthing options with an open floor to talk about anything and everything you want to know.

Learn the tools to help you cope during a natural birth, and what is available to you if you want “all the drugs.”

Topics Included:

Creating your birth plan! Tips and tricks to express your wishes to the staff that will be present at the day of your birth.

Pregnancy Complaints

-Different symptoms in every trimester, from morning sickness to back aches and how to help them

-Learn about the body and what it is doing in labor
-The birthing person and baby are working together, learn about the parts in motion
The Process of Labor
-Understand Early Labor, Active Labor, Transition & Pushing

-Get a sense of what it may REALLY look and be like

Comfort Measures
-Tools to cope during a natural birth; breathing, hands-on support, massage, affirmations

-Medical options available


-Different positions for labor and birth

Postpartum Time

-What is is it like after baby is born? What is the first hour like? What about the first week?

Come learn in a great atmosphere and feel comfortable asking your own personal questions!

Bring a lunch and snacks! (Some snacks will be available)

$150 per birthing person and a partner

Call today 586-960-5993 Space is limited!  Or simply click here and an invoice will be emailed to you with a link to pay via credit card upon completion of the form!
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Limited space available!  Sign up now.

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