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Dana Lange, CPST

Our recommended Certified CPST, Dana Lange, completing a Safety Car Seat check.

What is a CPST?  As the CDC states, a Child Passenger Safety Technician is someone specially trained on child safety restraints.  

Is my seat installed correctly? How should I arrange my seats once the baby has arrived? Will they all fit? How do I know what the next best seat is for my toddler? Which parts should we be using with our seats built-in restraint system?

In a world with endless options you can take comfort in knowing you are selecting the correct car seat that matches the best fit for: you car, your family, your life.

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Dana is an add-on to some of our birth classes, offers her own class, and is available for one on one private meetings right in your own home.  

  • $100 Private session at your residence – 1 or 2 visits: consultation with in-store selection trip & re-check once baby arrives (if desired)
  • $40 per nuclear Family – Group class/Group car seat check
  • $115 – Set up your own car seat check at your residence with 3 Families

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Ashley Gammon, CPT & MuTu Pro™

Ashley Gammon helping women at one of the Metro Detroit Doula Services pelvic floor workshops.

Certified Personal Trainer & MuTu Pro™, Ashley Gammon, is an expert on helping women dealing with the symptoms of diastasis recti (ab separation) & a weak pelvic floor. She will ease your postpartum body back into fitness, help you get your body functioning correctly, and have you feeling body confident so you can be yourself again!

Knowing how to work those muscles and build strength can help before babies, during pregnancy, after baby is born… even long after baby is born.

Now is the time to feel better!

Benefits of improving core strength include:

  • Reduce or eliminate lower back pain & hip pain
  • Alleiviate symptoms of diastasis recti
  • No more leaking when coughing, sneezing, laughing, or performing excercise
  • Aids with constipation and pelvic organ prolapse
  • A tighter lower belly

“Feel better, feel stronger, and stop peeing your pants.”

– Ashley

Ashley offers workshops and is available for personal private, in home instruction.

  • $110 Private initial consultation at your residence – 1.5 hours in length
  • $40 – Group workshop
  • $460/$900 – Train with Ashley – 6 or 8 packaged workout sessions

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