Serving Families of Southeast Michigan

Welcome.  Metro Detroit Doula Services is the modern and cutting edge professional doula agency of the metropolitan area.  You deserve the best and you’ve found it!  Our professional doulas hold themselves to the highest standards and offer consistent assistance to all families.  Serving primarily Oakland and Macomb counties and surrounding areas, our birth and postpartum services are sure to bring you confidence and comfort.

Metro Detroit Doula Services is an agency that values certification.  We are experts in birth & all the things involved with bringing your new bundle home.  We are committed to working cohesively with your family, chosen care provider, & hospital, providing the most complete comprehensive care possible.  With highly regarded credentials and years of experience we take pride in giving non-judgmental support, adopting your desires as our own and helping you reach your goals.

We love to laugh, sing karaoke, & eat cake.  We are honored to support you.  Congratulations!!


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