You know what’s cool about having a baby in the Metro Detroit Doula Area?

You know what’s cool about having a baby in the Metro Detroit Doula Area?

That’s right! MDDS was founded in 2015 by 2 local women, me, Amy and me, Andrea and we know first-hand how challenging, rewarding and life changing bringing a child into a family really is. I mean, hey, we’ve done it ourselves and things are going pretty well so far!

But here’s the thing you may not know. We didn’t do it alone, and we’re confident that if we had to, we would have needed someone to scrape us up off the floor and wipe away the tears we would have been laying in… That’s how we learned that support, really makes a difference.

The keys to a satisfying birth experience and confidence in early parenting is unconditional, unbiased, nonjudgmental support, and at Metro Detroit Doula Services, THAT is our area of expertise!


You see, we’re on a mission. In fact, we wrote a statement about it!

Metro Detroit Doula Services is committed to professionally and compassionately supporting Metro Detroit families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Through our extensive training, certification and expertise as birth and baby experts, we instill strength in the birth room, and build confidence in the baby room. We offer guidance and bring comfort to the beautifully diverse families that we serve. We offer reliability and accountability, and we work cohesively with area health care providers as we strive to create peaceful and rewarding parenting experiences.

Our Commitment

Here at Metro Detroit Doula Services, we are judgement free and 100% committed to accepting every part of you.

“‘Cause you’re amazing just the way you are.”

We all feel our best when we can be our true selves. We like you that way. Our commitment of inclusivity makes an impact to move our world forward every day. Join us!


Childbirth. Newborn Care. Infant Feeding.

Day Club. Night Club. Live In Club.

Educational. Physical. Emotional support.


Whether you are pregnant and seeking the support of a labor doula, or you want to have a gently supported postpartum experience after your birth, we and our exceptional team of doulas are at the ready.

Kelly Clarkson said it best, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

With MDDS on your team, strong doesn’t even begin to describe how you’ll feel.