5 Fun Halloween Traditions

When beginning to celebrate Halloween with your own kids we all hope we fill our children’s memory bank with fun Halloween traditions. Check out some of our ideas below to inspire your family!

A special dinner

Chilli! Pizza! Pasta! You can get creative and make mummies out of hot dogs and croissant rolls or keep it simple ordering a pizza. But making the dinner you eat on Halloween the same every year can make a lasting memory. Every year your kiddo can come to rely on this tasty meal that they know and love.

Halloween games

While your children patiently await the designated trick or treating time you can play games! You can try witch hat ring toss. Simply purchase a witch hat and some diving rings. Or you can make the hat out of poster board and cut rings from paper plates! (Get creative!) Boom! You got yourself a game! Pin the tail bone on the skeleton cat is a good one too! Or pin the nose on the Jack-o-latern!

Spooky music dance party

Go through Spotify or Apple Music and find a good kid friendly Halloween mix. Then CRANK UP THE JAMS! Spooky music is the perfect music to try out some new dance moves! Also getting the wiggles out is always a good idea.

Creepy slime

What better day to make ooey gooey yucky slime! If you are looking for a recipe and a “how to” check out our other blog here. Go crazy with the green dye! You can even head to the craft store and pick up little Halloween themed trinkets to mix into the slime.

Roasting pumpkin seeds

Did you carve pumpkins? Rinse off those seeds and roast them! These become a fan favorite fast. Kids love putting their hands all over the pumpkin guts and scooping out the seeds. You can add salt and pepper, or other spices as well to tailor them to your likes. Check out this tutorial if you want some guidance. Who doesn’t love a delicious healthy snack to enjoy too!

These are just a few of the things you can do to strike up some family Halloween traditions. You don’t have to do anything elaborate. You can keep it simple but add in some extra fun! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Authored by Andrea Stainbrook

Six ways Daylight Savings Time changes after you become a parent

Remember Daylight Savings Time before parenting? It probably barely registered. Maybe you were tired for a day or something vague and unremarkable.

But now, as a parent, you have little minions who rise with the roosters demanding food, fun and you, you, you to be awake, awake, awake. There’s not enough coffee in the world to save you now. Luckily, the vast majority of parents do end up surviving Daylight Savings Time, so don’t worry.

While you may or may not grab a nap, you can handle Daylight Savings Time like a boss this year. Just don’t forget to set your clocks ahead at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 11, 2018. Have fun springing forward.

To help you with the looooonnnngggg day ahead, here are six ways Daylight Savings Time changes after you become a parent. Read on:


Maybe you felt a mild tiredness in your pre-parenting days after Daylight Savings Time. The delicate yawn, the extra cappuccino, sipped at brunch, the cozy afternoon nap. Ahh, yes. We remember. Those days are gone.



Before your sweet little bundle, you probably had a vague bedtime or routine. But now, you likely live and breathe by the schedule. Naps, meals, bedtime: You need to stick with it. Daylight Savings Time blows that all up, leaving you back at square one.


Let’s face it: You now know that an hour of sleep is priceless. And losing it can cause chaos in your home. When do we eat? When do we nap? WHO KNOWS? And overtired and cranky kids can be hard to deal with, especially if you are a new parent. Luckily, if you need overnight care, we can help so reach out!

Longest Day Ever

There are So. Many. Hours. to fill after Daylight Savings Time. Are there even that many episodes of Paw Patrol? Do you want to find out? Before kids, you probably used that extra hour to have a cocktail, or read a book. Nope. Those days are gone.

It lasts … and lasts

It generally takes about a week for your kids to adjust to Daylight Savings Time. Yes, we know. It isn’t fair. Before you had the tiny humans, you probably were tired for a day, maybe two. But it didn’t drag on and on…and on.


Mo’ light = mo’ problems

With the days getting longer, you are likely to face an even greater push back at bedtime. Kids are smart: It’s still light out! We can’t possibly go to bed yet! This was never an issue for you before. You only had one person to put to bed: Yourself. And you were easy compared to these masters of negotiation.

Metro Detroit Doula Services

We have young children too, so we’ll be in the trenches with all parents this weekend. May your coffee be strong, and your wi-fi signal stronger. We can do this!

Tips To Get Through The Holiday Parties With A New Baby

As the holidays are upon us there are many opportunities for gatherings and parties.  These can be overwhelming to a new baby and it’s new parent.  Here are some tips to get through it:

 1) First determine if the outing is appropriate to you and your baby.

  • How old is baby?  Brand spanking new?  Has the cord fallen off and healed?  Did your doctor or midwife offer any suggestions when baby is ready to be out and about?
  • What about you?  Are you still healing and recovering?  Be gentle on yourself.  Even just sitting and chatting can be draining.  Decide if the activity will create too much stress.  Resting and healing can go a long way and you’ll feel better faster than if you do too much too fast.
  • Will your family or friends be helpful to you?  Sometimes these gatherings can be a time to get help with baby tasks and it is refreshing to get out of the house and talk to other adults you haven’t seen in a while.

christmas baby 
2) Prepare and pack all the things.

Assess how long you will likely be at the party and add some more time on to get there.  Then make a list of the the things you may need during that time.  Some are listed below:

  • Diaper change necessities
  • Feeding items: nursing cover, formula, bottles, etc.
  • Pacifier if being used
  • At least one extra outfit
  • Burp cloths
  • Swaddling blankets
  • Wrap/carrier- *Babywearing is great to keep baby close if you don’t want too many people touching your baby*

xmas dinner.png
3)  It is not selfish to focus on YOUR family and what you need.

If the holiday party feels like too much it is OK to pass or leave earlier than planned.  Don’t worry about upsetting Aunt Sally.  Your baby will be just as adorable the next time you see everyone!

  • Do what makes you feel the best
    • If visiting sounds fun, you feel healthy, baby is ready to go out, then go and enjoy!
    • If visiting sounds draining, you feel too tired or weak, allow yourself to stay home.  Your health matters most.

Metro Detroit Doula Services hopes your holiday season is filled with love.  Our Doula services make for lovely gift ideas!  Call us today 586-960-5993!  For more tips about life with babies check us out on Instagram and Facebook!

Holidays, Family and the Postpartum Doula


holiday lights

Aah the Holidays.  Such a time to look upon our life and see how much we are loved and surrounded by our family.  Family can be and mean so much to everyone.  For some, family is always supportive lives close.  For some, their family is miles away.   For some, their family is friends and neighbors.

Whoever makes up your family we are sure grateful that they are around.   Especially at big transitions in our life.   Like a new addition to the family!  We certainly appreciate all the help and love family gives.

Perhaps your family is great at visiting and chatting….but when it comes to helping not so much.   Maybe you would like someone to not tell you how to do everything.  Maybe you love your friends but they just don’t understand that you are tired and would love to nap during their visit.  Maybe you have great help but just desire more help!  Who couldn’t use more help!? Honestly.

Enter in the Postpartum Doula.

As a Postpartum Doula we are available to you to help at your big transition.  We will do whatever will make the new family feel comforted, supported, and less stressed.  Like family we care for you with a nurturing support.  But we will never cast judgement or offer unsolicited advice.  We will be pleased do the dishes for you no matter how piled up they are.  We would love to shower that older sibling with so much attention they feel special after our visit.  We would love to care for the baby so you and your older child can get very precious one on one time.  We would love to walk the family dog so he stops going crazy in the house and adding more chaos to the mix.

As the holidays remind us of family, may they also remind us of the Postpartum Doula. Reliable, professional, caring, and supportive.  Always there for you.