Holidays, Family and the Postpartum Doula


holiday lights

Aah the Holidays.  Such a time to look upon our life and see how much we are loved and surrounded by our family.  Family can be and mean so much to everyone.  For some, family is always supportive lives close.  For some, their family is miles away.   For some, their family is friends and neighbors.

Whoever makes up your family we are sure grateful that they are around.   Especially at big transitions in our life.   Like a new addition to the family!  We certainly appreciate all the help and love family gives.

Perhaps your family is great at visiting and chatting….but when it comes to helping not so much.   Maybe you would like someone to not tell you how to do everything.  Maybe you love your friends but they just don’t understand that you are tired and would love to nap during their visit.  Maybe you have great help but just desire more help!  Who couldn’t use more help!? Honestly.

Enter in the Postpartum Doula.

As a Postpartum Doula we are available to you to help at your big transition.  We will do whatever will make the new family feel comforted, supported, and less stressed.  Like family we care for you with a nurturing support.  But we will never cast judgement or offer unsolicited advice.  We will be pleased do the dishes for you no matter how piled up they are.  We would love to shower that older sibling with so much attention they feel special after our visit.  We would love to care for the baby so you and your older child can get very precious one on one time.  We would love to walk the family dog so he stops going crazy in the house and adding more chaos to the mix.

As the holidays remind us of family, may they also remind us of the Postpartum Doula. Reliable, professional, caring, and supportive.  Always there for you.

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