Netflix and Baby

Yay!  Things are settling in.  Visitors are winding down.  You and baby are getting somewhat of a handle on life together.  Baby wants to eat or be held a lot.  But what can you do with limited movement?  I mean reaching for anything becomes a battle in your mind where you are listing the pros and cons of how worth that said movement is.

“Ok so baby is finally sleeping.  My drink is right …over….there.  Ugh.  If I move my right arm just enough I could probably reach it.  Why didn’t I put it 6 inches closer to me.  I know I CANNOT try to reach it with my left arm.  And move baby’s head? Um, no way.  Not waking this little cutie.  Ok I will go for it.  I’m really thirsty and my doula is always reminding me to hydrate!  She should have told me to never set it down more than 3 inches from me.    Ok one quick movement… here I go….. REACHHHHH. Got it!”  Looks down at baby. Phew she didn’t flinch.

So now your hydrated and comfy.   All is good.  Look at that little darling.  And now what?

Bet you didn’t think that you would get TV time in?  What’s that…. you can watch all of the seasons of Mad Men?  Yup, or at least try 😉



TV tips for new mom and newborn:

-Keep the remote with all your feeding stuff

-Get comfy

-Think of your lineup of shows you have been wanting to watch

Oh yeah and don’t forget to use the restroom before feedings.   It’s hard to hold your pee while under a sleeping baby 🙂

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