MDDS: Meet Doula Cassandra!

Cassandra is an affiliated Certified ProDoula Labor Doula on the Metro Detroit Doula Services' team! She truly understands the role of a doula as she had the support of doulas herself! (Even MDDS' very own Andrea and Amy supported her!) Her passion for helping folks through pregnancy and beyond was evident long before becoming a [...]

What are birth affirmations?

In the process of birth the birthing person typically will need some encouragement and emotional support. Birth affirmations are simply that! They can even be your birth slogan or mantra! The best part of birth affirmations is you can select those that resonate with you and create ones that truly speak to you. Why use [...]

For a Moment Like This

"For a moment like this…. some people wait a lifetime."  Ain’t that the truth Kelly Clarkson? When I envisioned my births I envisioned myself like a lot of the videos and pictures I saw and loved.  I pictured dim light and quiet whispers.  I envisioned myself humming and swaying through contractions as they intensified.  I [...]