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Virtual Not Your Mother’s Childbirth Education – Served Straight Up!

This class is only for you if you want the nitty gritty, low down, uncensored version of how this birth thing works. Oh! You have to like laughing while you learn, too!

Preparing for birth, life’s biggest event, can be overwhelming. I mean c’mon… There is a lot to learn and most of us avoid learning about it until the information applies to us directly. But we know that knowledge is power and we want you and your partner to feel as empowered as possible!

5 Reasons people take a childbirth class

  1. The more they know about childbirth, the more prepared they will feel.
  2. They desire a particular type of birth and want as much information as possible to help them achieve it.
  3. They are afraid of birth. They are hopeful that they will learn pain management options that will ease their pain during labor and the fear and anxiety they have from anticipating it.
  4. The partner wants to be as hands on as possible and wants to acquire the tools and techniques to be as supportive as they can.
  5. They want to meet other pregnant couples! Group childbirth education classes are “social events” where you may just meet some new best friends that you can share an IPA (Impressive Parenting Accomplishment) with!

Andrea Stainbrook, PDCCE, is the first ProDoula Certified Childbirth Educator serving Southeast Michigan! Her uncensored, evidence-based, passionate approach to teaching childbirth education is like no other. You will fall in love with her as she puts you at ease and enables you to imagine yourself having the birth you desire. You might also think that if the teaching thing doesn’t work out for her, she should consider Stand-Up Comedy as an alternative career choice!

Virtual Newborn Care Class

You realize this kid’s moving in the next 18 years right?! We may not be able to help you with those teen years but our Newborn Care class is just the ticket to get you on your way.

Offered one Saturday per month, come join us after the morning’s Not Your Mother’s Childbirth Education – Served Straight Up class.

VIRTUAL Class Schedule


Nov 14
Dec 12, 16
Not Your Mother’s Childbirth Education 9-12pm

Newborn Care 6-9pm

All Classes VIRTUAL from the comfort of your own home
$75 per class/
per birthing person + partner/support person

($10 non-refundable processing fee per class)

*Ask us about our VIRTUAL Private fully customizable Childbirth Classes

>>Infant Feeding class coming soon<<