Postpartum + Infant Care

We know you love a good IPA! And we do too! You know what we mean right? Those Impressive Parenting Accomplishments?! Like when your baby is being held by a friend or family member. The baby starts crying, so they hand them back to you, and just like a hot summer Detroit night, that IPA hits the spot! Your baby responds and immediately stops crying!

BAM! That’s an Impressive Parenting Accomplishment!

Ok, now we’d like to welcome you to reality. Those moments will definitely come, but that is not typically what early parenting looks like. That IPA will take a good handful of weeks to reveal itself.

Early on, amidst beautiful moments of sleepless yet blissful bonding experiences, your baby will seem unsettled. You will try all the things. You’ll feed, you’ll diaper, you’ll pat, you’ll bounce, you’ll burp, you’ll rock… And ultimately… you’ll cry right along with your baby, just like we did. So your partner will give it a shot, just like ours did. They’ll walk, they’ll bounce, they’ll pat, they’ll shhhhush, they’ll sing, they’ll console and… your baby will still cry… just like ours did.

The truth is, while this is an amazing life moment, none of us are equipped for it! None of us have been asked about our parenting philosophies and absolutely none of us had a plan for implementation.

Until now.

This is exactly what Postpartum + Infant Care Doula Support looks like when you incorporate the care of Metro Detroit Doula Services!

Let us tell you what you can expect! Pssst…CLICK the slides BELOW.

We want you to know that, “Things can change, things’ll go your way if you hold on for one more day.”

Metro Detroit Doula Services are your people during the day, during the night, a combination of both or even on a short term live in basis!


We know you are thinking,

“Help, I need somebody, not just anybody, you know I need someone!”

and they better be a Certified Doula with Metro Detroit Doula Services! Daytime hours require a minimum of 4 hours and while it is preferred that hours are scheduled in advance, our flexibility does allow for urgent support needs in most scenarios.


Imagine waking up each morning singing,

“I got this feeling inside my bones, it goes electric wavy when I turn it on… I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good song in my feet.”

That’s what overnight doula care with MDDS leaves you feeling like!

Night time hours require a minimum of 8 hours. Many families choose overnight support as it enables them to rest well and feel equipped to handle anything the day time hours throw their way!


With a short-term, live-in Certified Doula from MDDS, the sun will surely come out tomorrow! We’ll help you “get into the groove” Because,

“We’re a little bit of everything all rolled into one!”

Just imagine the benefits of having a professional, compassionate postpartum + infant care expert with you every hour, of everyday for 5 days supporting you through every feeding, every aspect of postpartum recovery, every meal and every rest period. Talk about feeling like a Rockstar!

Our support has no age limit or time frame. Our doulas have all been trained ProDoula. We have resources, recommendations and experience in all things baby care, postpartum recovery, feeding, multiples, and sleep. We are here to assist you in figuring out the perfect plan to fit the needs of you and your family.

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