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Amy Hammer | Founder

Lifetime Certified Elite Labor Doula
Lifetime Certified Elite Postpartum & Infant Care Doula
Certified Elite Postpartum Placenta Specialist
Pre-Certified Infant Feeding Specialist 

After nearly 5 years of living in Germany and starting her family there, Amy’s passion for helping others in birth and postpartum care was ignited.  The importance of support during and after birth set her on the path of her calling.  Amy’s calm and joyful manner coupled with her organized and driven motivation make her an asset to any blossoming family.  With a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Oakland University (2001), Labor Doula training via toLabor (2013), Postpartum training via DONA (2014), continuing education of Labor and Postpartum via ProDoula (2015), ProDoula’s Postpartum Placenta Specialist training (2016), and Infant Care training with ProDoula (2017) – Amy has the ability to support families of all shapes, sizes, and desires.  Her most exciting recent accomplishment includes completing the Solo Challenge at SpringHill Camps, which consists of climbing a 25 foot telephone pole, standing up on top of it, and jumping to a trapeze bar!  She lives in Lake Orion with her husband of 16 years, their two glorious children, Crim the cat, their sweet pup Keiko & hamster Fluffy.  They enjoy camping, being silly and snuggling in front of a fire.


Andrea Stainbrook | Founder

Certified Childbirth Educator
Lifetime Certified Elite Labor Doula
Lifetime Certified Elite Postpartum & Infant Care Doula
Pre-Certified Infant Feeding Specialist

Andrea loves to bring compassion and laughter to people and  families as they are somewhere along their parenting journey.   She obtained her Bachelor’s in Zoology at Michigan State University (2007).  She always had an interest in nature and how the world works which sparked her own personal quest to learn as much as possible about pregnancy, birth, and family life before ever becoming pregnant herself.  Feeling free to make her own choices has taught her the value of letting others find their own path.  Andrea is currently a Certified Labor Doula with ProDoula (2016)  a Certified Postpartum and Infant Care Doula with ProDoula (2016) and Certified Childbirth Educator with ProDoula (2017) as well.  Along with these credentials Andrea was recently a Master of Ceremony at the ProDoula Dare to Dream Conference 2018!  Most recently she has been running half marathons and baking often.  Andrea finds herself surrounded by her husband, 2 beautiful girls, sweet senior dog, & a feisty puppy.   They enjoy outdoor activities around their hometown of Rochester Hills, or staying in and baking chocolate chip cookies.



Arnetta Ford | Affiliated Doula

Pre-Certified Labor Doula
Pre-Certified Postpartum and Infant Care Doula

After completing the Secretarial Course at Detroit Business Institute and getting her diploma in July 1973, Arnetta applied with the State of Michigan where she worked for 32 years!  Seven at the Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital and 25 with Department of Corrections at the Western Wayne Correctional Facility and Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility until retiring in October 2017. She was a secretary and facilitated two evidenced based programs – Parenting Inside Out (starting in 2011) and Moving On (starting in 2016).

Her path to “doula-hood” began long before she knew what a doula was. She supported a friend’s minor daughter through her labor and birth on March 2, 1984 and many friends and family members between then and 1996.  She attended DONA Labor Training (1996 & again recently), Hypnobirthing (2013), Spinning Babies and ProDoula Labor Training (2017) and ProDoula Postpartum and Infant Care Training (2018).

Arnetta officially supported her first client as a trained doula on February 16, 1997. Facilitating the evidenced based programs during the later years enhanced her effective communication skills and her ability to attune with laboring women, families, midwives, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff members on a different level.

Arnetta enjoys and has supported a very eclectic mix of families with varying circumstances over the years including IVF, VBAC and is familiar with Orthodox Jewish birth practices. She is a lifelong Michigan resident, lives in Canton, has one daughter, three grandsons and enjoys BIKRAM Yoga, walking and coloring in her spare time. 

Kelly Gallé | Affiliated Doula

Pre-Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Kelly can’t say she was born having an interest in birth work or infant care. She studied at Oakland University and received her Bachelors degree in Japanese Language and subsequently a Masters Degree in Linguistics. She worked for six years at the Department of Justice. Needless to say, law enforcement and birth don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

After she became a mother in 2018 and suffered post traumatic stress after her traumatic birth and her son’s stay in the NICU, she felt as if her old life didn’t fit her anymore. As life would have it she felt called to become a doula. Driven by her new passion to support families through one of the greatest transitions in life, she became Pre-Certified as a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula through ProDoula. Kelly aspires to help families feel confident and secure in their new role and hopes she can bring some humor and fun in what can be a challenging time.

Kelly lives in Royal Oak with her husband and son (7 months). They enjoy chasing around their two dogs, Ellie a feisty miniature schnauzer and Tallulah their lovable special needs mutt. As if that isn’t enough they also have two mischievous black cats that rule the roost. Kelly enjoys a good book, walks with the pack and is a competitive powerlifter.

Erin Hendrickson | Affiliated Doula

Certified Labor Doula
Certified Postpartum Doula
Pre-Certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist
Pre-Certified Infant Feeding Specialist 

From a very young age Erin knew that she needed to work with people.  Being present at the birth of her two younger siblings brought to life a passion in her that burns bright. After a few years of working in customer service and in the home title industry, Erin decided to take advantage of her still burning passion and found the International Doula Institute.  Erin is working on getting cross-certified with ProDoula and is taking advantage of every certification she can!  Erin is looking forward to taking her Placenta Encapsulation course and being able to inform people of all its benefits.  Her goal is to be able to help women and their growing families from start to finish while providing as much support and information as she can to these families.  In her spare time, Erin enjoys working on DIY home projects and spending time with her friends and family.

Carolyn Katchka | Affiliated Doula

Pre-certified Labor Doula
Pre-certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

After many years of babysitting, being a nanny, working in daycare and raising children of her own, Carolyn decided to make the switch to providing support to families in the exciting time of welcoming a new baby into their lives! She comes from a large family and believes a thriving family can always use a village. Shortly after learning about the amazing support doulas provide, Carolyn just knew she found what she was supposed to be doing with her life and immediately took the leap. She is trained in both Birth and Postpartum Doula Care, currently pursuing her certification through DONA and cross-certifying with ProDoula. She has experience with many styles of parenting, a wide variety of ages, as well as multiples. Carolyn has advocated for others for as long as she can remember, from protecting the earth, the bees, our rights and our children. This is an integral part of who she is and will only continue to grow as she furthers into the doula community. Carolyn lives in Clarkston with her husband Case, their 2 sons Jaxson and Gavin; along with their spunky pup, LuLu, and 2 cats, Mokey and Munk Munk.

Chelsea Myers |Affiliated Doula

Certified Labor Doula

Ever since becoming a mother in 2018, Chelsea knew that she needed to be doing something
involving mothers, babies, and birth. During a casual conversation one day, Chelsea’s sister suggested that she should look into becoming a doula. Chelsea, not really having any idea what a doula was, did some research and immediately knew her life was about to change; doula work was what she was put on Earth to do and was her passion. As a graduate from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, Chelsea is committed to lifelong learning and growing, and supporting others while they do the same. Driven by her passion to having a career focused on empowering and supporting women, Chelsea sought out a ProDoula Labor Training and became certified in June 2019. Chelsea’s desire for every woman having a baby is to be at peace with their birth experience(s), and to feel completely supported during this incredible time in their life. Chelsea, her awesome husband, their sweet son, and their silly pug live in Macomb. When she is not chasing or cleaning up after her 3 boys listed above, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors on their patio, attending her monthly book club, going out to dinner, and watching whatever her current TV show obsession is.

Kate Nagle | Affiliated Doula

Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Becoming a doula is the result of a lifelong search for purpose for Kate.  Knowing she wanted to work with children, Kate originally got her bachelor’s degree in Child Development and became an elementary teacher.  As she requested a move from 4th grade to first, then to kindergarten, and finally switching schools so she could teach preschool, Kate began to notice a pattern.  After hiring a labor doula for the birth of her daughter, she realized that she had found her calling.  Becoming a ProDoula trained postpartum doula allowed Kate to combine her passion for children and infants with her passion for supporting and empowering women.  

Kate lives in Novi with her wife, Marie, and their daughter, MJ.  Though Kate gave birth to MJ, she was conceived through IVF using one of Marie’s embryos.  This unique experience has given Kate perspective and experience navigating LGBTQ fertility, pregnancy, and the postpartum period.  In her free time, Kate enjoys sewing, reading, and binge watching Survivor.

Yolonda Rabbani | Affiliated Doula 

Pre-Certified Labor Doula
Pre-Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Yolonda began providing doula support professionally in 2016. She is truly passionate about providing optimal care for each and every expecting mother she works with. Her primary focus, along with providing emotional and physical support, is to make her clients feel confident and empowered.

Yolonda is a huge advocate for reproductive health education, and is in support of those who are working diligently to improve women’s health care locally and worldwide.

Creating a relaxing environment along with the use of various comfort practices and meditation, allows her to help her clients go within, and remain calm and present throughout the birthing experience. Her goal for each and every mom is for her to have a positively memorable birthing experience. 


 Beth Smith | Affiliated Doula

Certified Labor Doula
Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Beth has always felt that supporting new moms and babies was something that came naturally to her.  She began her journey in an early childhood education setting, receiving her Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education in 2004.  She was called to birth work when a close friend suggested she be present at the birth of her first child as her Doula in 2005.   Attending that first birth opened Beth’s eyes, allowing her to witness the amazing transition that happens when a new family begins its journey into parenthood.  Beth initially received her training through DONA International and maintained certification until recently training with ProDoula.  She has had the pleasure of attending many beautiful births since.  In the past, Beth has nurtured infants and their families in a childcare setting, and thought it was a natural transition to be present during the birthing process to nurture, mother, baby and the new family.  She has experience with helping to welcome rainbow babies into the world, including welcoming one herself.  Beth is originally from Ohio (GO BUCKS) and lives in Rochester Hills with her high school sweetheart Corey, and 4 spunky daughters; rainbow baby Katie, Mags, Ellie and Nella.  Also hanging out in her big blue house are her mom, who has joined their home since her retirement, a giant rabbit named Franklin and their dog Ladybug Snugglepants.  They enjoy living room camp outs, hanging around town doing local events, taking selfies, and visiting their family in Ohio.


Jennifer Day | IBCLC, CLS, CLE

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Founder and Owner of Feed the Babes, LLC, Jennifer offers skilled in-home breastfeeding support services. She also serves as Michigan Breastfeeding Network (MIBFN) Project Manager, is Chairperson of the Oakland County Breastfeeding Coalition, facilitator of a Breastfeeding Support Group entitled “Meet, Nurse, Love” in Oakland County, MI and Co-Founder of the Southeast Michigan IBCLCs of Color. A married mother of two happy, healthy, breastfed children endeavors to bring best practices to mothers while equitably educating the public, in an effort to create breastfeeding positive spaces. She is an accomplished public speaker, consultant, advocate and educator with thousands of experiential hours assisting and supporting pregnant and lactating families in clinical and in-home settings.

Ashley Gammon | CPT

Certified Personal Trainer & MuTu Pro™

Ashley has always been health conscious, but it wasn’t until after her third child in 2012 when she became very focused and serious with her fitness journey.  She worked hard for three years to get her pre-baby body back.  What she didn’t know was that she had a diastasis recti and almost everything she was doing was working against her “baby pooch”. This is one reason she is so passionate about reaching women as soon as she can, after delivery.  Had she known then what she knows now, her journey may have been much different.  Ashley studied with the American Council on Exercise to become certified as a personal trainer.  She trained with Dr. Tracy Sher (MPT, CSCS) and Antony Lo (PT) at the female athlete, bulletproof your core and pelvic floor course.  She was also among the first 33 professionals to be certified as a MuTu Pro by founder of MuTu System®, Wendy Powell.  This is a globally recognized, medically endorsed program designed especially for postpartum mothers, no matter how long it’s been!  Ashley started her business, BeYoutiful Within, in June 2016 and has already helped hundreds of women correct leaking (incontinence), alleviate lower back pain, reduce their baby belly, and helped them reach their specific goals.  Ashley is a military wife of 13 years.  She and her husband have three beautiful daughters.  She has lived all over the world, including six years in Europe!  But she calls Indiana home. Michigan became their new home in the summer of 2015.


Dana Lange | CPST

Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician 

When she became a mom in 2008, Dana had no idea that the most important job in the world would also lead her to a beloved career.  The responsibility of caring for a tiny human being was not lost on her, and she did endless research on what to do to keep her daughter as safe as possible.  Once Dana was introduced to the world of Child Passenger safety – that is, keeping children properly restrained in and around vehicles – a flame began to burn inside her that glows to this day.  A nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician since 2014, Dana also became trained in special needs seats in early 2016.  Her straightforward yet kind and judgement free approach has helped countless caregivers make the best possible choices; especially helpful when those choices aren’t easy. Dana works part time at a baby boutique which helps keep her updated on the newest car seats on the market and in touch with parents of many diverse backgrounds.  She likes to read, listen to podcasts, and play with the displayed car seats at Target in her free time.