MDDS: Meet Doula Jessica!

Jessica has a variety of experiences that add to her knowledge of being an amazing Postpartum & Infant Care Doula! She has a kindness and patience that she greets every new family with. Her passion in life is clear. She wants parents to feel comforted as they go through their life transition of parenthood. Learn [...]

MDDS: Meet Doula Brook!

Brook is a certified labor doula and postpartum doula! She can help you feel confident as a new parent and also is calming in the birth room! Through her ProDoula trainings she developed skills and knowledge to support new families. Fun may be a word that comes to mind as you get to know her! [...]

MDDS: Meet Doula Heather!

Heather Doula MDDS

Heather is a bright light that shines on all whom she supports! Whether comforting and guiding folk in the labor room or walking alongside new parents in that early postpartum time. With her experience and desire to always learn more, Heather is one fantastic doula. Let's learn more about exactly who she is! What’s your [...]

MDDS: Meet Doula Beth!

Beth is an experienced doula with a passion for parents! She is a lady who understands and knows how to roll with it. This serves her well as a doula as well as helps folks she supports adjust to the ever-changing experience of pregnancy and early parenthood. She has been with Metro Detroit Doula Services [...]

MDDS: Meet Doula Amanda!

Amanda is a hard working, dedicated, funny, relatable, doula with a side of spunk! She is Certified in Labor & Postpartum Doula work, and is a Yoga Instructor! This lady can flex her muscles and her brain with the wealth of knowledge she has for all things pregnancy, baby, and parenthood! Let's get to know [...]

MDDS: Meet Doula Neshia!

Neshia brings a warmth and kindness to all whom she supports. Holding certifications from both ProDoula and National Black Doula Association, Neshia has the training, skills, and knowledge to serve her clients with amazing care! Get to know her more here! What is your doula story? I've always been drawn to birth work.  I supported [...]