MDDS: Meet Doula Heather!

Heather Doula MDDS

Heather is a bright light that shines on all whom she supports! Whether comforting and guiding folk in the labor room or walking alongside new parents in that early postpartum time. With her experience and desire to always learn more, Heather is one fantastic doula. Let’s learn more about exactly who she is!

What’s your doula path story?

I’ve always been considered the “mom” of my family and friends. The person they go to when they just need someone to listen, hold space and see them. I have always felt drawn to supporting people on a deep level. Being a labor doula is so much more than hip squeezes, I support my clients during one of the most intense and life changing moments in their lives. And I don’t take that lightly. It is my mission to show up authentically and be that “mom” that I’ve been labeled as.

I had two babies of my own, and I didn’t have a labor doula. From what I know now, if I could go back, I absolutely would and I’d have a doula by my side. Seeing just how essential doula support can be for many parents, I felt motivated to fill that space in the labor room.

An unbiased, level, grounded and supportive individual. 

I always referred to being a doula as my “dream job.”

My journey to becoming a postpartum doula started early in my career. I started in Early Childhood Development. I loved watching children grow, learn and transform during the early childhood years! I found myself shifting from the Preschool program to the Infant program a few years in and I loved connecting with the families of the infants that were enrolled in the program. It was very natural to guide and support these families in the very early stages of parenthood. I found myself wanting to do more, specifically in those early days once the baby is born. I learned about what a postpartum doula was and immediately was hooked. That was my dream job! 

Tell us about your family. 

I have two daughters, Hera and Amara. Hera is 8 and is one of the most gifted and kind souls I’ve ever had the honor of knowing. She is a lover, extremely empathetic and loves her crystal collection. Hera will heal you with her crystals and stick one in your pocket for “extra” protection. She loves to be out in nature gardening, collecting rocks, and playing with our dog Clyde. My daughter Amara is 3 and I think she’ll be a professional athlete some day. She is one of the toughest kids I’ve ever seen, yet is so soft and loving at the same time. She is a blanky loving thumb sucker who can throw a baseball 100ft. I love her unique dynamic and am excited to see who she becomes. 

What do you love about being a doula?

I love all of the clients I support. I get to meet some of the best people and I will never take that for granted! I get the honor of holding their babies and being involved on such a personal level. I absolutely adore every step of the process. From watching parents meet their babies for the first time, to getting a full night’s sleep as our postpartum journey comes to an end. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done and I get to do it everyday! 

Let Heather be a part of your parenthood transition! Reach out to us today and tell us you want Heather on your team!

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