MDDS: Meet Doula Christina!

Christina is a Certified ProDoula Labor Doula, VBAC Specialist, and Postpartum Placenta Specialist! She has a spunk and a fire that easily inspires those she supports. Keeping her clients focused and grounded through the parenthood process, she will also add a laugh where she can. Metro Detroit Doula Services is thrilled she has been on our team since early 2020! Take a moment to learn more about what makes her amazing, you will not regret it!

Why did you become a doula?

I became a doula because childbirth is fascinating to me! And, I have a knack for supporting people!

Tell us about your family.

I have a husband named Jay, and 2 rambunctious boys! Leo, 5 and Landon, 4. My boys love to be outside and playing sports!

What do you love about being a doula?

I literally live to see my clients being empowered enough to own an experience that is so unpredictable.

If we turned on music in your car, what would we hear?

Not music at all! Lol. I’m a podcast junkie, so you’d probably hear some True Crime talk.. Morbid is my favorite.

Muttering “What the hell?” under your breath is an effective coping mechanism. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t. Also, zipper onesies. You’re welcome.

-Christina’s parenting advice to new parents

What are you reading now? What TV are you watching now?

The Whole Brained Child.. and Bluey… lol. I only watch tv while I’m sitting with my kids for a few. I don’t watch tv on my own time.

What is your philosophy for birth & supporting people and their partners through labor?

Plain and simple, my philosophy is the client’s philosophy. This is their experience and I’m there to support their needs!

What makes you unique as a doula?

My energy. I think that the “doula” stereotype will lead you to believe that doulas aren’t funny, loud, or energetic. Not true at all!

Energetic, Feisty and Empathetic.

Who is your role model?

My mom and my aunt. They are two baddest women I know. Their tenacity and passion are some of their most inspiring qualities. 

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

I’m having so much fun planning DIY projects for my new home lately!!

What is your favorite season?


What is your favorite karaoke song to sing? 

Sir Mix A Lot- I Like Big Butts

Do not waste a second and have Christina join you in your birth journey ahead! She can keep the calm, bring the fun, and she certainly knows a TON about birth! Contact us today and tell us you would like to meet Christina!

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