MDDS: Meet Doula Beth!

Beth is an experienced doula with a passion for parents! She is a lady who understands and knows how to roll with it. This serves her well as a doula as well as helps folks she supports adjust to the ever-changing experience of pregnancy and early parenthood. She has been with Metro Detroit Doula Services for several years and we are so proud she is on our team! Read on to learn more about the skilled doula and master of selfies….Beth!


Three words past clients have used to describe me; calm, comforting and amazing. 

My husband googled words after I asked him how he’d describe me. He came up with nurturing, reliable and experienced. I personally think of myself as funny, confident, and a flexible thinker.


I began my journey as a teacher working with infants and families in a childcare setting.  Supporting new parents and babies was something that came naturally to me, and I loved it!  I completed my bachelors degree in early childhood education in 2004 at Rochester College and transitioned into the daycare world, hanging out with babies each day.  I journeyed down the path of being a doula in 2005 after a friend suggested that I be present for the birth of her son as her labor support person. 

After doing a little research about what a labor doula is and what one does, I said “sure, why not?!” I joined my friend for her son’s birth.  It was truly amazing, and life changing!  Afterwards I knew that being a doula was definitely my calling and I haven’t looked back. I added postpartum support to my repertoire in recent years,  because baby snuggles are amazing. 

And your family….

Speaking of baby snuggles, my family is AWESOME!  I’ve gotten to enjoy many baby snuggles with my own four children. I’ve been with my high school sweetheart since 1997 and we married after college.  We’ve enjoyed raising four beautiful, spirited daughters along with a small petting zoo of animals.  We have 2 rabbits (Honeysuckle and Truffles), a bird(Loco) and two dogs(Lady and Rudolph) adding a little something extra to our days.   

When I’m not busy being a mom, a wife, a doula and a zookeeper, you can find me at my children’s school volunteering as the PTO president, or substitute teaching.  I also enjoy driving the “mom bus” as I chauffeur my tiny humans around to their extra curricular activities.    My extra curricular activities include texting, scrolling through social media, reading the occasional book and riding my peloton bike while trying to reclaim my pre-covid lockdown body.

We also enjoy camping as a family, rockhounding and stargazing!!

Beth is such a joy to know and be around! She certainly infuses fun to the people she gets to work with. Contact us today and tell us you can’t wait for Beth to support your early postpartum time or your labor!

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