5 Fun Halloween Traditions

When beginning to celebrate Halloween with your own kids we all hope we fill our children’s memory bank with fun Halloween traditions. Check out some of our ideas below to inspire your family!

A special dinner

Chilli! Pizza! Pasta! You can get creative and make mummies out of hot dogs and croissant rolls or keep it simple ordering a pizza. But making the dinner you eat on Halloween the same every year can make a lasting memory. Every year your kiddo can come to rely on this tasty meal that they know and love.

Halloween games

While your children patiently await the designated trick or treating time you can play games! You can try witch hat ring toss. Simply purchase a witch hat and some diving rings. Or you can make the hat out of poster board and cut rings from paper plates! (Get creative!) Boom! You got yourself a game! Pin the tail bone on the skeleton cat is a good one too! Or pin the nose on the Jack-o-latern!

Spooky music dance party

Go through Spotify or Apple Music and find a good kid friendly Halloween mix. Then CRANK UP THE JAMS! Spooky music is the perfect music to try out some new dance moves! Also getting the wiggles out is always a good idea.

Creepy slime

What better day to make ooey gooey yucky slime! If you are looking for a recipe and a “how to” check out our other blog here. Go crazy with the green dye! You can even head to the craft store and pick up little Halloween themed trinkets to mix into the slime.

Roasting pumpkin seeds

Did you carve pumpkins? Rinse off those seeds and roast them! These become a fan favorite fast. Kids love putting their hands all over the pumpkin guts and scooping out the seeds. You can add salt and pepper, or other spices as well to tailor them to your likes. Check out this tutorial if you want some guidance. Who doesn’t love a delicious healthy snack to enjoy too!

These are just a few of the things you can do to strike up some family Halloween traditions. You don’t have to do anything elaborate. You can keep it simple but add in some extra fun! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Authored by Andrea Stainbrook

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