Easy slime for a super fun time!

by Andrea Stainbrook

Easy and safe slime recipes can turn a boring afternoon into a fun one full of memories!

Kids love slime. There seems to be a slime wave sweeping the nation! It is actually a fabulous toy for so many ages. From younger toddlers to middle schoolers!

Making this concoction can be a learning opportunity too! It’s a great way to talk about science. You could formulate experiments! What will it stick to? How far does it stretch? Making and playing with slime is a wonderful tactile experience. Kids love to use their hands to explore and the feeling of slime is an interesting one to say the least.

The slime recipe I like to follow is one without anything harsh. Borax is a common ingredient in many and can be irritating to skin. When looking for directions on how to make easy and safe slime you can find our favorite here on Elmer’s website.

My kids like to experiment and seem to be experts at eyeballing the perfect amounts to make their slime. So don’t worry if your measurements aren’t perfect!

Click here to watch Lydia & Estelle make slime!

Simple Slime Ingredients:

-Washable glue

-Baking soda

-Contact solution

Other items that can add to the fun:

-Food dye

-Glow in the dark glue

-Glitter or glitter glue

-Foam beads

Pro-tip: If slime gets on your clothes or furniture try using vinegar to remove it!

So the next time you need an activity to spice up your day think about making an easy slime recipe with your little ones!

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