Parenthood: These Comedians Bring The Laughter

Truth be told I am a little obsessed with comedy. First off I love to laugh. I love to spread laughter and I totally dig being on the receiving end of well said jokes. I’ll be honest, I even like bad jokes. Give me an opportunity for a good time and a good laugh and I am all in!

The streaming services are killin’ it lately by churning out some great stand-up comedy specials.

I have been gobbling them up! One common theme is standing out in quite a few of them…. material about parenting and pregnancy! I swear its like they are making these specials tailored made for me. Even more I think what it really showcases is we all can relate to what it is like to be a parent. And sometimes it is freaking hilarious!

Check out my list below of fantastic comedians and their comedy specials all related to pregnancy, babies, or parenting!


The ladies of comedy are on fire! Let’s start with a few of them.


Check her out on Netflix! She has two specials you can catch there. “Ali Wong Baby Cobra” and “Ali Wong Hard Knock Wife.” She is raw, a little raunchy, real, and so hilarious. She’s even pregnant on stage in both specials! “Baby Cobra” has material about pregnancy (spoiler- she mentions a doula) and “Hard Knock Wife” dives into motherhood, picking up where she left off 2 years after her first special. She seriously is one of the funniest people and I love her ability to tell it like it is!


This chick has got it! She is also pregnant on stage and she isn’t afraid to show it! She’s so relatable and is very real on what its like to be pregnant. Some of her special even talks about her experience with hyperemesis gravidarum. Amy is an all time fave of mine for sure! Check her out on Netflix.


Tig is a super talented woman. She not only has a stand-up special, “Tig Notaro Happy To Be Here,” but also a documentary called “Tig.” Her documentary is an honest film about her experiences in life and it includes her path to parenthood in it. It will have you in tears. Her special “Happy To Be Here” includes tales from parenting and so much more! Both of these can be found on Netflix.



I had never seen Seth Meyers perform stand up. His recent release, “Lobby Baby” had me smiling ear to ear and laughing out loud. It was so good! He recounts the births of his sons and also speaks about parenting roles in a marriage. So worth the watch, check it out on Netflix.


– I have enjoyed Jim Gaffigan since he first started with the “Hot Pocket” jokes. He really struck a cord though while I was pregnant with my second and I watched his special “Mr. Universe.” He truly gave me belly laughs as he talked about parenting and his kids. Since that special just about every one of his comedy specials talks about being a parent. He has made a lot of specials. You can find these on Netflix: “Mr. Universe,” “Cinco,” “Obsessed,” “King Baby,” and “Beyond the Pale.” His special “Noble Ape” and his most recent addition “Quality Time” are on Amazon Prime.


Nate has quickly become an all time favorite of mine. His timing and cadence are impeccable. His first appearance on Netflix was a part of the series “The Stand Ups” and his performance is episode one of season one. He has bits about his young daughter and being a dad in that half hour show. That show was so successful he went on to create a full length comedy special on Netflix called “The Tennessee Kid.” I promise you, you will enjoy it!!

So set up a night ready to binge watch some comedy. Keep in mind this is just a short list, but a fabulous list nonetheless. I don’t want to completely overwhelm you! I see a second and third part to this blog perhaps?

Laughter can certainly brighten a day and a mood. So go get your smile on, sit down, relax, pop some popcorn and enjoy!

Authored by Andrea Stainbrook

Let’s let go of mom guilt

by Andrea Stainbrook

Mom guilt. It is real. It exists. And it starts early! From the moment you discover you will be bringing a baby into this world it seems ways to feel guilty start creeping in. As a doula and a mother I hear about it at all different points of parenthood.

Are you eating the right foods? Are you exercising enough? Don’t do this. You should do this. “When I was pregnant I did this.” “You plan on using that?” “I would follow this parenting philosophy!” AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Social media, and well intentioned, friends and family can infiltrate your mind and you can begin doubting yourself and your decisions. When you once felt confident about a particular thing, you now wonder if you are messing this whole parenting gig up!

I don’t have a why. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we doubt our abilities to be wonderful loving parents? I do it too!

How can we stop it?

I wish I could shout from the rooftops to make us all believe in the fabulous parents we all really are. Even when we slip up, even when we aren’t the most patient, even when we choose the drive through over home cooked meals, we are excellent parents.

Let’s navigate this together. What are some things we can do to help reduce the guilt when we feel it come on. Here are some things I do.

Stop comparing ourselves to others. You truly need to do you. Most often we feel worse after a round of comparing ourselves to others.
I know I do. We tend to compare ourselves to someone we think has it all together, the images of perfection we see, or the mother we made up as the perfect mother. I will tell you a secret. NO ONE is absolutely perfect.

Focus on the good moments. Look at your day. Think of a moment that you are proud of. It doesn’t have to be an Earth shattering parenting moment. Sure maybe you wish you had a redo of the morning. But let that morning go and work on the moment you are in.

A bad moment doesn’t mean a bad day.

Try to remember ALL that you do day in and day out. Know that it is hard work and you are doing it! It may not be always glamorous but your child loves you for it.

Find your friends or talk to your partner. Reach out to your partner. Tell them how you are feeling. Ideally they will listen and stop the guilt spiral! They should raise you up and remind you of your awesomeness. If you don’t have a close inner circle of friends that lifts you up it’s time to seek them out. Friends that listen and don’t shame. Some have luck finding new friends at local parenting groups. You need someone in your life that you can get vulnerable with and they will simply support you and listen.

Real mom friends don’t let other mom friends stay stuck in a cycle of guilt.

When we catch our friends or family feeling guilt lets pull them up! Listen to them. Let them get it out. Then point out the positives. Remind them of their great qualities and remind them that we all go there sometimes.

Together, I believe we can all work hard on letting go of the mom guilt! Believe in yourself and your abilities, accept that you will make mistakes, and know you have support to remind you of how magical you really are!