Five cute mom and baby Halloween costume ideas

The weather is getting colder, the leaves are turning and that means only one thing: It’s almost Halloween!
If you have a new little love this year, you might be wondering what to dress up as for Halloween. Having a baby at Halloween is a fun time and what’s cuter than a coordinating mom and baby Halloween costume idea? In our opinion, nothing.

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Here are five cute mom and baby Halloween costume ideas for you to try. Read on:

Farmer and piglet (or chick, or duck, or calf)

One of the cutest (and easiest!) mom and baby Halloween costume ideas is for mom to dress up as a farmer and baby to dress up as a farm animal. A farmer costume is pretty easy to pull off: Some jeans or overalls and a flannel, maybe add a hat, boots and a bandanna. Baby can be whatever adorable baby farm animal costume you want: A piglet, a calf, a chick. It’s up to you!

Lobster and chef

This one is cute and funny! Get your baby a lobster costume and you dress as a chef. If you want even more of a giggle, put baby in a big silver pot for pictures.

Bank robber and bag of cash

If your tiny bundle is still all curled up and would fit in a bag, why not add a money sign and dress up as a bank robber? Chances are she’ll sleep through trick or treat or that Halloween party and in this costume, she’ll be snuggly warm and cozy.


For this one, you can go matchy-matchy (meaning you both dress as Wonder Woman, for example) or you can coordinate, meaning mom (or dad) is Batman and baby is Robin. You could also do an Incredibles theme, since that movie was popular this year, if you have a Baby Jack lookalike.

Witch and black cat

This Halloween costume is simply adorable. Mom gets a witch costume and baby gets dressed up as her black cat. Who doesn’t love a cuddly kitten to snuggle as you stir up a spooky potion or two?


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