Snack time tips for new parents

by Andrea Stainbrook

Snacking comes easy to many. For some it may even be hard to imagine that there may be day you need to be reminded to eat! Those days are called “after baby life.” That’s right! You have this beautiful new swaddled bundle that surprisingly takes up an enormous amount of energy and it may hit lunch time when you realize you haven’t even had a bite to eat yet! You need fuel.

Tricks for successful snacking when taking care of itty bitty humans:

  • Select food options that are easy to eat with ONE hand!
  • Overstock yourself with non-perishable snacks
  • Have your support people, like your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, prepare and bring you tasty delights!
  • Buy the pre-cut fruit and veggies for less prep time
  • Leave snacks out and available so they are easy to grab

What are some easy snack time favorites for new moms and dads?

  • Fruits like grapes and apples are easy as they require no cutting
  • Cut-up veggies
  • yogurt
  • cheese sticks
  • crackers
  • popcorn
  • protein bars
  • avocado
  • nuts
  • lunch meat

If you want to jazz it up simply have some nut butters easily available and dip your fruit and veggies into some peanut or almond butter! If you really want to dress it up add a few chocolate chips on top! Check out a family favorite of “Celery Explosion!”

Bottom line keep it simple, keep them available. Being new parents is hard work and you need the energy from regular snacks to get you through the day!

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