Dear comfy maternity dress, I love you

The day I had a positive pregnancy test for my second child I was in disbelief. Wow! I can’t believe another soul was going to enter this world and join our family. I remember telling my husband, buying donuts, and processing the news.

The day after I found out the news I no longer could button my pants.

What now? Turns out muscle memory is real and my uterus wasted no time in stretching out to make room for this little one. My body was super on board to bloat and size up ASAP.

Thank goodness leggings are a thing and exist. Those babies helped me through. I also quickly realized I would need maternity clothes sooner.

Maternity clothes are weird. The whole experience of them. At first I’m excited to shop for clothes because well… I like to do that. But then I feel quickly limited by selection. It can be hard to find your innate style in the offerings available. There are only so many stores you can actually try items on. I also found myself frugal as I could only wear these clothes for a limited time.

Although most of my pregnancy was through the fall, and winter in Michigan, I could not wait for the glorious spring. This was my favorite time as I could wear more skirts and dresses! Now I love dresses. Especially when pregnant. Don’t get me wrong I still rocked them in the fall and winter. But the spring…the spring meant no tights! The spring meant no leggings!

The spring meant fresh air flowing right up under my dress and to my belly which was now humongous!

I’ll tell you what. For me, the least amount of clothes needed when pregnant the better. After months of needing assistance with socks (or just saying forget it! Let’s be honest.), and gradually popping every button of my cute pea coat right off, a dress was where it was at.

So this is my love letter to the dresses that got me through. You looked adorable, were functional, and comfy. You were the best. I loved every minute that we got to share together. Thank you for making me feel good and helping me love myself!

Authored by: Andrea Stainbrook

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