Childbirth on Netflix: What to watch

The media often likes to have scenes of birth in shows and movies. They are usually rather dramatic. Enter the scenes of screaming and waters breaking and someone telling their spouse, “YOU DID THIS TO ME!!” But some documentaries seek out truth and explore birth in other ways. Recently on Netflix a new docu-series explores sex and childbirth. And it is excellent!

The Netflix series, “Sex Explained” has several episodes. The episode on childbirth is a very relatable, to the point, well rounded, piece. Janelle Monáe’s soothing voice narrates all the information and it’s easy to digest in its just under 30 minute run time.

What is unique about it?

For one it doesn’t highlight one way to birth as the best way to birth. It also gives a pretty good and not too long history of birth in humans. A personal favorite is how it compares human pelvises to other animals. I mean it is just so interesting!

The episode opens diving into the way the cervix stretches! The visuals are gripping and instantly keeps you wanting to learn more. The creators did excellent work making the bio-mechanics of it all amazing to watch and it intrigues the viewer right away with how bad ass the female reproductive parts really are!

Even though it isn’t hours long this documentary episode packs loads of information and topics in. It touches on maternal morbidity and race. The history of how people of color have been treated in childbirth plays a role in today’s care.

Sex Explained also discusses midwives and doctors. You will see female experts talking about birth throughout the piece. Also personal stories and feelings around birth are included as well.

The coolest part…..

It shows a doula in action! This episode even explains what a doula is and the birth they show clips of has a doula present. You can see the doula being calm and supportive. I love it! High five Netflix!!

So wherever you are on your journey of learning about birth, whether you can’t get enough and want to know more, or you are just starting to dive in, this episode is a fantastic place to start!

If you are ready to dive in and watch it click here! If you want to learn even more in person and how to get through it, call us today to sign up for our “Not Your Mother’s Childbirth Education” course!

Authored by: Andrea Stainbrook

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