Hospital Bag Checklist for Birth

Preparing for the big day of your baby’s arrival means gathering all the things! Often a part of nesting and preparing is getting that bag of stuff you may need for labor all set up and ready. Who doesn’t love a good checklist? And also who doesn’t love a good bag? Well we have a great bag-checklist for you!

For your labor bag…

  • ID, insurance cards, registration forms
  • Birth plan/wishlist
  • Phone/chargers
  • Camera/chargers
  • Massage roller/lotion/oil
  • Chapstick
  • Pillow (with a notable case so it’s easy to spot!)
  • Photos, positive affirmation cards, flameless candles, oils + diffuser (if allowed), etc…
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Your own unique hospital gown or whatever you prefer to labor in
  • Attire for tub/shower use in labor
  • Bathing suit for support person
  • Snacks – for laboring person AND for the support person
  • Deck of cards or other entertainment
  • Baby book
  • Goodies for staff
  • Transport kit for encapsulation if using this service

For your suitcase…

  • Change of clothes
    • Comfy nightgown/robe
    • Comfy maternity clothes for going home
    • Flip flops/flat shoes/slippers
    • Layers for support person (it can get chilly!)
  • Small gift for each sibling
  • Self care items
    • Toothbrush + toothpaste
    • Deodorant
    • Contact lens case + solution
    • Glasses
    • Eye covers for sleep or labor!
    • Eye makeup remover wipes
    • Favorite soaps and shampoo
    • Hairbrush/hair ties
  • Feeding Supplies
    • Nursing sleep bras/pads
    • Feeding book
    • Feeding pillow
  • For BABY!
    • Car seat
    • Coming home outfit
    • Outfit or blanket for hospital pictures
    • Extra blanket to match the season

We mention snacks for birth support people but honestly packing a sack lunch isn’t a bad idea. Eating and hydration is important and depending on when you are laboring may determine if anything is open for you to purchase to eat or order through room service.

Some people like to have this bag packed by 36 weeks so they can set it and forget it. There is no absolute right time though. Ideally some point before you are in labor.

We hope this helps you as you figure out what you want to bring to your birth! For more tips and doula support contact us today!

Click here for the printable checklist or on the button below that says “download.”

Authored by Andrea Stainbrook & Amy Hammer

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