You Live, You Learn, You Love Alanis

I am an Alanis fan. Her angst and passion in “You Oughta Know” got me right in the feels as a teen. I listened to Jagged Little Pill on repeat and have followed her career album after album. I love a female role model who is her own self, a little quirky, a little rock and roll, and absolutely genuine.

It’s not a suprise that Alanis is still a role model and is still killin’ it in all things. This summer she announced her pregnancy with her third child. I stumbled upon an article in Self and it was fantastic. Alanis opened up about pregnancy at 45, birth, postpartum depression, and parenthood in the article. Check out the article here.

All of the feelings, struggles, and joys Alanis described is so relatable and so real. If you are looking to hear from another parent on what it is like to go through all of these read on!

Since that article in June Alanis has actually welcomed this new soul earth-side. Announcing on her Instagram, her son, Winter Mercy was born August 8th. Welcome sweet one!

I wish the best for Alanis and her family. I thank her for sharing her path and her emotions on these huge life moments and transitions for her. Don’t be surprised that I love her, for all that she is. I couldn’t help it! It’s all her fault!

To stay up to date with Alanis check out her website. To feel support through pregnancy, birth, and life after baby contact us!

Authored by: Andrea Stainbrook

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