Newborn Photography Options – Fresh 48, Posed baby, In-home Lifestyle Baby Photos

You’re pregnant?! A big congratulations to you and your family! The next nine months will be filled with all sorts of newness and excitement as you await the arrival of your baby!

Obviously, your body will change as you grow that precious little baby (hello cute bump!), your spare bedroom will transition to the baby’s room, you start thinking about what the baby will need, and you begin planning all the things – when do I go to my first doctor appointment, when is the first ultrasound, how should we announce the pregnancy to family and friends, is it a boy or girl?!, picking a name for the baby, where should I buy maternity clothes from, and what about a newborn photo session (shameless plug!). All of this is beyond exciting, and let me reassure you, you have plenty of time to get it all in order.

Let me introduce myself before we continue. I’m Chelsie Maurer – a thirty-something year old living in Metro Detroit. I’m married to my college sweetheart and we have two awesome daughters who are both sweet and spicy! I’ve recently become addicted to Diet Coke and reading fiction novels as we navigate through this COVID19 quarantine. I am a professional newborn and family photographer with a boutique studio Downtown Utica, Michigan and I travel throughout Detroit. I absolutely love to serve my clients, and I genuinely enjoy giving them the best experience and photos. 

Speaking of serving my clients…

I want to help ya’ll figure out what type of newborn pictures you want of your babe. There are three different types of photo sessions that parents can choose from: Fresh 48 Hospital, Posed Newborn Baby, In-home (or in-studio) Lifestyle Session. Lets break down what each is and give you a sample of all the options, shall we?

Fresh 48

These sessions are for those mamas who want to capture the raw, fresh (literally) photos of your baby, as the photo session is done within 48 hours of birth in your hospital room. I hear you in the back, “but I don’t want photos when I’m recovering from birth and look like a hot mess.” Don’t disregard these sessions juuust yet. Throw on your new black nursing tank top, your cute lululemon black leggings, and a comfy grey, long cardigan.  Freshie sessions are supposed to be casual and relaxed. Some mamas even wear just a pretty robe from Etsy and they look amazing. As you are in awe of your baby, I capture all the emotion and connection between your newly expanded family, as well as some of just baby and all the tiny details of their sweet little selves!

In-studio Posed Baby

Before baby was even born, we met at the studio for a Session Consultation so you could see the environment, all the props and wraps and tiebacks and everything available to use for your new little bundle’s session. You told me your favorite colors you’d like used for the session and oh my goodness! that adorable newborn bed prop that you reeeaalllly want used for the pictures. I’ve got all your favorites noted and the session is planned!

After your baby is born, you send me a quick text or email letting me know the exciting news (and of course I want to see a picture of baby!). We will schedule a date for your in-studio newborn photo session while baby is 6-14 days old ideally.

The session itself is suuuper relaxing and easy for you, Mama and Daddy.

Feed baby and then I take over with a stress-free session while you brew a Keurig in the studio and relax on the couch. Check out Instagram and Facebook, read all the comments congratulating you, and you occasionally look up to watch how adorable your infant looks while I pose them and get the most adorable pictures.

During these sessions, I get a variety of safe poses with baby and of COURSE we need to do parent pictures, mom and baby pictures, dad and baby pictures and sibling pictures.

My goal is for you to have a dreamy experience, truly, while you get the most beautiful photos to celebrate the expansion of your family.

In-home Newborn Lifestyle

In-home newborn sessions have taken off in the past few years! These sessions are exactly as they sound – I come to your home to photograph your brand new baby and you while in the comfort of your own home. I give gentle prompts and cuddly posing and capture all the magic of your newly expanded family. They’re pretty amazing sessions, and having it in your own home with your favorite cognac couch, your furry pet, and that blanket grandma made for baby make it all that much more sentimental. It is literally capturing your family and home at this moment in time.

For these sessions I like to still do a set of posed newborn photos for the parents. I bring along a prop and a couple of wraps, bonnets and tiebacks for baby. It is the best of both worlds!

I realize not everyone may have the right light or a home they’d like their photos done at, but they still love the look of the in-home session.  These sessions can also easily be done in my studio. The below pictures are an example of this.

So which type of newborn session seems to fit what you’re looking for? Or what type of session did you do for your baby when they were born? I’d love to hear back from you!



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Chelsie Maurer is a professional photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn and Family sessions in Metro Detroit and surrounding areas. Her photography studio is located Downtown Utica, Michigan.

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