What new moms really want on Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! What a special day to honor those who raised us and to be celebrated as we raise the next generation. There’s tons of marketing and different ideas for what to gift a new mom. But what do they really want this year?

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. Not sure if you have heard but a historic pandemic is going on. This may limit options of physical gifts as well as financial abilities. More importantly those of us looking forward to hugging their own mamas….well we can’t. And that really sucks. So let the moms in your life grieve that the day may look a little different this year. It’s OK to be sad about that!

The truth of the matter is simple and small is more than enough!

Look I didn’t even make you read to the very end to get your answer. This is true always. Why yes of course a lot of us like grand gestures and gifts from time to time but truly, truly, truly, a small token of appreciation is simply what moms want.

I personally have been through a few quarantine birthday celebrations in my family so far. Spring is a busy time around my house! What I learned is there’s excitement to celebrate something special coupled with a sadness of the uncertainty of if it will be a magical day after all. Also the realization that this special occasion will be remembered as “the one during quarantine.” It can come with a little planning. Like Zoom calls for birthday candles blow outs for instance. But decorations are still hung! Cake (or in my case recently pie) is still baked! And I would imagine Mother’s Day will be no different.

Leading up to Sunday there will be some excitement to celebrate someone! Then a wave of sadness that we won’t be able to BE with everyone we want to. You may even wonder if you will be able to enjoy the day at all! I’ll tell you what though, quarantine celebrations are extra special.

Friends and family who go out of their way even with the smallest bit of kindness feels more powerful than ever before.

Keep this in mind this year as we celebrate those who adopted, those who fostered, those who recently birthed, those who gave guidance, those with older kiddos, those with school aged kids, and those with infants and newborns.

Here are 3 solid tips for Mother’s Day coming from a mom with young kids.

  1. GIVE HER ALONE TIME. Let her poop alone. Let her shower alone. Let her have some time to herself with NO RESPONSIBILITIES. Moms love their families so hard they need some time to not worry about them. Did I just make that my number one tip? Oh yes I did.
  2. Seriously homemade crafts and cards are the shit! A mug that says “World’s Best Mom,” heck yes! A construction paper heart with a hand-print…melt my heart. These child made crafts never ever go out of style.
  3. Ask her what she really wants to do. I know this is bananas right?! Actually ask her if there is any one thing she was really hoping for or to do.
Check out some crafts here!

It really is that simple. Moms just want appreciation, a little love, and a heartwarming day. Don’t overthink it!

Cheers to all of the moms out there! You are killin’ it! May your day be filled with some special moments, a Zoom call or two, and hopefully a little magic to remember.

Authored by Andrea Stainbrook

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