I wish I had a Doula…

By: Andrea Stainbrook

…when I went to the dentist for fillings.

Ugh.  I know, I know, it’s not that bad.  For some reason, the older I get, the more anxious I feel about dental work.  I am scheduled for the most work to date; despite the fact I have been eating, quite frankly, the healthiest this body has ever seen.   Apparently my teeth prefer junk food. 🙂

Here’s about how it went last time:

So first off the music isn’t right.  While the dentist is doing her friendly banter I hear some radio rock that just doesn’t sit well with me.  At least someone had told me to bring ear buds.  I had NEVER thought of that before.  I put some relaxing ballads on my Spotify and try to zone out.  It was great that I could choose what I listen to, but there’s no way to not hear the drilling.  Don’t focus on it.  Don’t focus on it.  I wonder what the dentist and her assistant are chatting about.  Is it me?  Is there something more horribly wrong with my teeth than what was previously thought?!

*Turns down music*

I hear them chatting about friends and going out to dinner.  Phew, not me.  My dentist smiles at me and tells me I’m doing great.  I guess she noticed I was clenching my phone and tensing my feet.  I’m sure my eyes looked frantic.

*Turns up music*

I feel like we should be moving on to the final parts of this.  Is she still drilling?  Is this a normal amount of time for this?  This feels like a long time.  I wish I checked the time before she started.  Now I have no clue.

Oooh a blue light!  Bite this!  I can do that!

Into my ear…  “HELLO.  It’s me.”  Thanks Adele.  You are always there for me.

And I am done.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone dedicated to you at the dentist?  I wish I had someone  to calm my anxiety and help me focus my attention away from the sensations I was feeling.  I would have loved someone to let me know this is all normal.  “You are doing great!” and “You’re almost done.”…phrases I could hear over and over again.   I would love a calming presence in the room that helps me through a time of the unknown, while going through one of life’s not so pleasant experiences.  I wish I had a doula for the dentist.



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